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Digital Motion Analysis Training at Creighton Baseball Academy is a highly effective player development tool for athletes of all ages. Skill development occurs in multiple ways and each athlete has a unique learning style.

Styles of Learning That Apply To Baseball Movements Include:

  • Auditory | Listening
  • Visual | Seeing
  • Kinesthetic | Feeling

Baseball specific skills such as throwing, defending and hitting are acquired through quality repetition and deep practice while making adjustments to improve efficiency and consistency. During skill development players' eyes focus on a target or the baseball forcing them to rely on their kinesthetic sense to adjust. Digital Motion Analysis allows athletes to connect auditory cues, results and why they feel to what actually happens in their movements. This accelerates player development and provides feedback on how to quickly make mechanical adjustments.

The movements involved with baseball skills such as swinging and throwing are some of the fastest movements that occur in sports making it difficult to gain a full understanding through review or video captured on a normal video camera. Creighton Baseball Academy utilizes high-speed video technology (slow motion) to better capture swings and deliveries. With cameras able to caputre at up to 1000 frames per second (FPS) enough to see athletes see every segment of the movement providing a true understanding of what's occurring in the body.

In addition to high-speed video caputre at up to 1000 FPS, CBA Digital Motion Anaysis training provides an instructor voiceover providing a break down of biomechanics, efficiency and adjustments to be made. Analysis is delivered in a private video via email within 48 hours of caputre allowing athletes to review analysis as often as needed.

Digital Motion Analysis Training Is Offered Through:

  • Camps
  • Classes
  • Private / Group Instruction

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Creighton Baseball Academy is open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender.